Camp Mosaic


Designing a cohesive system for a volunteer youth skill-building camp.


In addition to creating graphic assets, I created a badge system to make identification and attendance easier in daily use.


Information Coordinator
Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer


June 2017 - July 2017


System implemented and managed a camp of over 100 youth participants’ attendance for a 5-day summer camp.

The problem.

As the Information Coordinator for Camp Mosaic, my responsibilities spanned from taking attendance to managing our database. Despite these tasks, I felt my skills were not all being put to use. Furthermore, the camp's processes were dated, and lacked a cohesive design system across the multitude of media in the camp.

First, think vocabulary.

What does having a "cohesive design" really mean? To me at camp, that meant figuring out an easier way than taking attendance on paper for over a hundred youth participants. My solution was to reduce the process to minutes in accessbility and completion.

Second, the backend.

With phones resting in each and every counselor’s pockets, QR codes were an accessible tool that I felt could best be utilized in this situation. I created Google Forms for each counselor’s group of participants as well as attendance for our staff to be taken each morning.

Third, making thousands of badges.

The badges were difficult to make. Without any previous experience in editorial or printed design, my goal was to simply make sure everything was legible. I used colors to designate positions among staff and a numbering system for children (yes—the staff made lots of jokes about labelling kids with numbers).

Fourth, implementation.

The badges were printed and distributed to counselors on the first day. Initially, we had some issues adjusting to the exact interfaces that the users (counselors) would access. However, by the second day of camp, the manual 15 minute attendance time was cut in half. By the last day of camp, attendance was completed within 2 minutes. Only one badge was harmed in the project due to water damage.